Meerya LLC has developed and patented a new high quality, low cost automotive horn that is speed sensitive and vastly more energy efficient.

​Meerya LLC is dedicated to developing frequencies and sounds that suit your business needs in order to enhance driving alertness and communication.

Our horn can be used to warn, signal and draw attention when needed at high and low decibels. Our product can be tailored to our customer’s versatility and sound needs.  The way it works is through a patented technology that allows different frequencies, tones, pitches and/or decibels while using the same product design. The versatility allows for reduced noise pollution, enhanced safety and reduced cost. 


Main uses for this horn would be in automobiles, construction vehicles, fork lifts, and other vehicles where external sound warnings are essential. 

Ankit Patel - CEO & Founder


Versed in Project Management & Supply Chain, Ankit received a wide experience in multiple fields. His experience at Procter and Gamble helped him understand what needs to be true to make a new product & brand succeed. Meerya's mission is just that, launching a successful device that our customers find value in using. 

Sanjiv Patel - Chief Engineer & Co-Founder


A degree in Electrical Engineering, & experience in launching a business, Sanjiv first started this work in 1975 in India developing a better horn for scooters & vehicles. This research led him to patenting a prior design. Once the patent was approved, he started manufacturing the product in 1978, which led him to the research Meerya is doing today.


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