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One day while walking from my Cincinnati apartment to work, I noticed a driver passing and almost hitting a cyclist - the cyclist had no idea there was a car on their left side. I'm not sure who would have been at fault had there been an accident, but I became curious to learn how future situations like that could be prevented. As a driver, you only have a few ways of communicating, and when it comes to audible communication, there's only your horn. It's great at producing loud sounds to warn of high danger situations, but very poor at communicating anything else. Current horns don't change volume or tone based on whether you are communicating to a pedestrian, cyclist or vehicle - you only get one sound.


That's why we developed our cost-effective smart horn, to increase the vocabulary of communication for drivers to both enhance safety and reduce unnecessary noise.

Meet The Team


Ankit Patel
CEO & Founder

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Versed in Project Management and Supply Chain, Ankit has a wide range of experience in multiple fields. His experience at Procter & Gamble helped him understand how to make a new product and brand succeed. Meerya's mission is just that -- launching a successful device that our customers find value in using.

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Sanjiv Patel
Chief Engineer & Co-Founder

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With a degree in Electrical Engineering and experience in launching a business, Sanjiv first started this work in 1975 in India developing a better horn for scooters and vehicles. This research led him to patenting a prior design. Once the patent was approved, he started manufacturing the product in 1978, which led him to the research Meerya is doing today.

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