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Digital & hardware platforms to bring acoustic warning into the 21st century by digitally driving horns, back-up alarms, buzzers & other sound devices. 


The basic principle of how a vehicle horn works hasn't changed since its invention. Through our patented technology and software, we are bringing vehicular communication into the 21st century. Our platform allows our technology to integrate with various sensors & commands to vary duration, sound, volume or tone.  In addition, our proprietary technology allows our devices to have a longer life cycle than what is currently available. Meaning, our devices will perform time and time again even after extensive and heavy use.


Through component elimination and smarter technology (e.g., integrate EV speaker needs, lock confirmation & alarm into one device), we save our customers money because fewer materials are needed to produce a high-quality sound. In addition, our platform prevents desensitization to sound to prevent safety incidents in industrial workplaces & on the street. Our technology not only costs less but is also lighter. The amount of power this device draws is about a third of what current vehicle horns draw. The reduced power consumption allows for thinner gauged wires, smaller fuses and elimination of relays – which lowers assembly cost for the equipment manufacturer.


Automotive - Sound Management Solutions for Electrification (EV & Hybrid):

Our automotive platform allows our hardware to act as a Horn, Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS), Lock Confirmation, Alarm & more. A proprietary all-in-one solution that saves cost, weight & energy consumption.

Autonomous Vehicles - Sound Management Solutions for Automation:

A platform that integrates A.I. with our smart horn hardware to reduce risk with automated warning while reducing unnecessary noise. Variation in sounds for different warning scenarios can greatly shift risk probability; such as, distracted pedestrians or cyclists without having to create excessive noise.

Industrial & Construction -
Sound Management Solutions for Responsiveness:

Our industrial solutions integrate LED lights with sound to create audio & visual cues. Automatic reprogramming & adjustments in sound can prevent noise fatigue to ensure desensitization does not occur. In addition, automatic horn operation & warning can be programmed in intersections, corners & blind spots to ensure ease of use for the operator & peace of mind for safety directors & workers.

Maritime – Sound Management Solutions for Ease of Operation:

Our maritime application generates user friendly interfaces that allows boat owners to toggle between different communication needs through programmed durations for “long & short blasts”. This allows the boat driver to simply choose communication requirement (e.g., departing dock in reverse or reduced visibility/fog signal) & once the horn button is pressed it will automatically operate the appropriate sound/warning. 

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