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Plug and Play Model

Our smart horn adjusts its volume and tone automatically, so you can be confident its sound will suit the situation. When your vehicle is operating at a lower speed or parked, the volume and tone of your horn will be lower – ensuring you can, for example, get the attention of a distracted driver who hasn’t noticed the light is green without being aggressive.

At higher speeds, the horn’s volume and tone will default to the maximum SPL, similar to your current horn sound – so you can alert another driver or a pedestrian to danger. And if you need that loud horn when the vehicle is operating at a low speed or parked, simply press the horn twice within a one-second interval.


You can program how you’d like your low-speed horn and your alarm to sound, choosing from quick double beeps, fades, shifting frequencies and more. Plus, your alarm will work at the maximum SPL after the first operation.

  • PULSE - Designed for Passenger Vehicles

Integrated Model (CAN)


This model adapts to existing vehicle sensors --- including but not limited to speed, brake pressure, collision warning, automatic braking, and ADAS features – so that the horn’s tone and volume adjusts automatically, and the horn can even sound automatically. The horn’s sound is customizable for various scenarios with options like a quick double beep, fade low fade high, shifting frequencies, and more. The lock confirmation and alarm can be customizable or standard, and can also utilize unique tones or sounds to distinguish differences.


The self-shifting input settings are based on voltage input. A horn relay is not required with this model.





Fade Down

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Smart Fade

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Smart Intermittent

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