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This pair of universal smart horns come with retrofitted connectors for your specific vehicle, so you don't have to split, solder or cut any wiring.


These smart horns are soft in sound when you want it, and loud when you need it.


Installation Instructions

Modul Pulse

Note: This page will contain a link to the Modul Pulse installation PDF. The page can be linked within the website, but will not appear in the menu. The main purpose of this page is for the QR code. There will be a separate page for each product's installation guide.


Please read this entire manual before installation and use. Failure to do so may void the 2-year warranty if improperly installed.


Modul Pulse

SKU: 11110780
  • Place units where previous stock horns were located and check out our installation guide (LINK) to make sure your installation process will go smoothly and effectively.

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