Whether it'd be a loud, mild or soft sound, this sound device can create a variety of frequencies to suit your business needs. This device is ideal in automotive, construction, warehousing and mining industries where ranges of frequencies are needed to enhance efficiency and safety.


Our sound device is ideal to replace recreational and construction vehicle horns. The sound of this device can reach up to 115 decibels from two meters, and has the ability to retract to a softer tone between 70 - 90 decibels at that same distance. Meaning, when on the highway our device can hit a sound loud enough to break through background noise, and when at rest it can produce a softer sound to make sure not to startle pedestrians as well as reduce noise pollution. In warehousing and mining, this device can be used to alert, trigger and communicate efficiently because of the different tones and frequencies it can produce. Understanding what's occurring through single and multiple tones not only improves efficiency, but enhances safety.

How it Works

The basic principle of how a vehicle horn works hasn't changed since its invention. Through our patented technology and process, we aren't necessarily changing the principle, but reinventing the way it works. By using smarter technologies, we can create multiple or single toned pitches from this device. In addition, through our patented process our devices have a longer life cycle than what is currently available. Meaning, our devices will perform time and time again even after extensive and heavy use. 

Savings & Results

Through component elimination and smarter technology, we save our customers money because it takes fewer materials to produce a high quality sound. Meaning you get a smaller device that not only cost less, but also is lighter. In addition, the amount of amperes this device draws is about a third of what current car horns draw, which is a great advantage for gas powered, hybrid & electric operated vehicles. In addition, the reduced power consumption allows for thinner gauged wires, smaller fuses and elimination of relays. Meaning, less cost in assembly and materials for our customers.