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30 Year Highs

Growth of pedestrians killed by motorists is at 30 year highs.

Preliminary reports are showing that 6,590 pedestrians were killed in 2019 from motorists, which is now a new 30 year high beating out 2018's 6,227 three decade high. Not the kind of statistic you really want to beat year in and year out.

There is a lot of research going on about how to reverse this trend, & I think the article I attached to this blog does a great job highlighting one key area that needs to change - external vehicular sounds. No real advancement has been made to enhance the vocabulary of a vehicle or driver.

Check it out, & let us know what you think. We hope that as vehicles become smarter, we start seeing reports for "30 Year Lows" when it comes to pedestrians being killed by motorists.

Finding your frequency,

Ankit Patel

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