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AVAS & Horns

EVs & FCEVs are now required to emit sounds between 0-18 mph. Is there a solution to use a 2-in-1 system to serve as both as a horn & Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS)?

Is the new noise overkill? Most likely. EVs emitting noise between 0-18 mph takes one of the many benefits away - the solitude of peace. However, studies show that EVs & Fuel Cell EVs (FCEVs) are twice as likely to hit & injure pedestrians. This has lead to regulation mandating EVs emit noise at lower speeds. There was no specification of what that noise should sound like (other than given frequency ranges), but for obvious reasons the regulation prohibits the use of standard car horns being the source of that noise.

The question that we ask is if there is a way we can combine a new device to act as both a horn & AVAS solution? We believe Meerya has a solution to explore that option, but there are questions that remain. The biggest being, would our new solution have the dynamic range (volume) to serve as a horn when warning in high danger situations & the flexibility of frequency range to create the desired sounds?

The ask is challenging, but the platform & solution we have developed has made this a very real possibility. It'll be exciting to see where the industry & space takes us, & how it evolves. With the future of driving being predominately green, EVs & FCEVs will not only shape the way we drive, but the sounds we hear. Will these sounds be futuristic or noises we are familiar to hearing?

Finding your frequency,

Ankit Patel

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